Omvårdnadspersonalens erfarenheter av att möta aggresiva och utagerande patienter - en litteraturstudie

  • Rosita Adelsbo
  • Andriette Näslund

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Violence and aggression is a common problem for staff in different care units. Caregivers often feel frustrated and unsatisfied in their work with these patients. Even caregivers with long experience finds it valuable to get education in management of violent patients. The aim of this literature study was to illuminate staffs experience in meeting with aggresive and violent patients. The method that was used was a literature research, where earlier research findings were read, analysed and put together. Databasis used where Pubmed, Psychinfo and Cinahl. Words that were used in the search was mental health, aggression, violence, abuse, management, staff, coping, and experience. Cause of violence seemed to be the patients sickness. Enviornment could also be the cause of violence. Violence often occured in caring situations, when caregiver where physical close with patients. Caregivers felt anger, shame, guilt and a feeling of being useless. Caregivers doubted their own competence. Nurses felt that their ability to talk and calm patient was ineffective. Staff felt that they had most support from colleagues, family and friends. They wanted to have more support and guidance from managers. There must be actions taken in the area of aggression and violence at work. It can not be taken as an acceptable way to behave, and something that is accepted as a part of the work. Caregivers must report violence to managers to show that it exist. The enviornment must be adjusted to the purpose of care. Caregivers needs education and guidance in meetings with aggresive and violent patients.


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