Patienters upplevelser av bemötande vid postoperativ smärta - efter knä eller höftledsarthroplastik Patients experiences of nursing interaction in the context of postoperative pain - after knee or hiparthroplasty

  • Anna Pålsson

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    Elective joint surgery increases for every year and the operations are associated with postoperative pain. Postoperative pain is a well known phenomenon and pain physiology and analgesics are well known by caregivers, but the significance of the interaction between patient and caregiver is not illuminated. There are still patients experiencing unnecessary postoperative pain. Among patients in elective surgery, 25% runs a risk for underestimated pain. The aim of the study was to describe patient’s experiences of nursing interaction in the context of postoperative pain during hospitalisation after going through knee- or hiparthropasty. This study was constructed on a qualitative phenomenological research method of Amadeo Giorgio (1985). The sample contains 11 patients undergoing knee- or hiparthroplasty. The informers were interviewed in their own home and the interviews were taped and analyzed. The result indicates that pain relief is depending on interactive communication. All the patients who experienced intense pain also experienced deficient communication. Pain caused by anxiety or social relations runs a risk for underestimation by the caregivers. The patients who experienced a faithful relation also experienced satisfying pain relief. Holistic view is limited in orthopaedic care and effect on pain by socialpsychologic reasons has hitherto not been reported. The caregivers need to obtain a trustful relation to the patients to minimize pain. The nursing care for postoperative pain can be developed and this study might contribute to development of quality in post surgical orthopaedic care.


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