Patients´ perceptions of preoperative information in connection with elective surgeries

  • Helene Nylander
  • Ann-Charlott Sjöwall
  • Marie Åstedt

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    Background: For an individual a surgery may involve strains and risks. Many patients experience a loss of its own identity and often an inability to control the situation while going through a surgical operation. Fear of pain or to not wake up from the anesthetic or that the surgery will fail are worrying factors that some people experiences. Purpose: The purpose was to describe patients’ perceptions of preoperative information in connection to elective surgeries. Method: The literature review was based on 13 scientific articles within the area. The research was performed in the databases ELIN, Medline and Cinahl as well as manually. The results were presented according to the Antonovskys model; ability to comprehend, manage and meaningfulness. Result: Majority of patients wished to receive oral as well as written information. The patients wanted information about the disease, surgery, anaesthetics and what complications the surgery may cause. The information brought forth experience of having knowledge. Knowledge gave the patients a view of the situation and therefore the experience of having some control, something that created feelings of safety and hope. A few patients didn´t want any preoperative information. Conclusion: Preoperative information may reduce anxiety and give understanding of what is to happen. It is important that the information is adapted to the individual needs of the patient.


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