Prevention of diabetes type 2 among children and adolecents
: Literature rewiew

  • Monica Olsson
  • Susanne Herold

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    The objective of this literature study was to describe the nurse’s preventive actions to prevent diabetes type 2 among children and adolescents in school age. It emerged from the analysis that the nurse is working according to three pillars; screening, lifestyle changes and counselling/education. This result showed that what often increase difficulties when working with screening are: undefined guidelines, lack of time and resources. Overweight/obesity is one of many indicators to develop diabetes type 2, therefore it is important that both BMI and waist are measured. The nurse was working actively with education and intervention, for example engaging schools to make diet changes and increase physical activity. She/he was also giving counselling to children, adolescents and their families about the disease diabetes type 2 and how it could be prevented. Barriers often experienced by the nurse in her/his preventive work were the families’ attitudes and lifestyles. There were often an expressed wish from nurses to receive guidance in their work on motivating to lifestyle changes.


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