Problem med lageranknytning hos en bilåterförsäljare

  • Jörgen Kvist
  • Patrik Ohlsson

Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


In this paper we have looked closer on a car-retailer in the middle of Sweden. We have chosen to dig deeper in the different problems that can occur, related to the supply. Soon we realized that that the problems weren’t related to stock management.

Through studying the whole of the company, we have identified reasons to why details aren’t in the stock. Our conclusion is that the reason lies in an organizational aspect and consists of poor teamwork and communication.

We mean that the company’s functional organization have contributed the departments to develop in different ways. The personnel can’t see that their work is a part of flow through the entire company towards the customer.

By introducing teams in the functional organization the company can achieve a matrix organization. The teams will be working over the different departments and therefore increase the understanding the company’s situation.

The middle managers are important when making a change in the company. By this reason the middle managers should work as a mediator and coordinator.

A future district supply could according to us replace the stock at the retailer. Problem caused by delayed ordering or low order-levels should disappear. Though we have made the conclusions that the stock problems in fact are organizational. By solving these organizational problems, the need of a district supply isn’t that impending. We mean that the district supply only would be a partly solution of the company’s problem.

The dissertation is written in Swedish.


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  • Juridik (505)

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