Receving women in the accident and emergency department who have been abused by their male partner – an empirical nursing study

  • Jeanette Hansson
  • Anna Mattsson
  • Malin Olausson

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    Introduction:Violence towards women is an extensive and important problem in the society. Confronting women who are assulted by their male partner is a demanding task for the nurses.The aim of the study:The aim of this empirical study was to illustrate the experiences of nurses in the meeting with women exposed to violence by their male partner.Method:This is a qualitative interview study including nine female nurses. The material recieved from the interviews was analysed with help of content analysis. Categories were formed named Comunication, feelings, Ability to recognize the women, Lack of time, Need of support and further education. An application to the ethical council at the University of Kristianstad were remitted and approved. Result:The difficulties in the caring of assulted women were emerged as: The lack of time and the difficulties in recognicing the assulted women. These problems caused strong emotional feelings like inability to help, anger and frustration.Conclusion:The writers think that the attitude in the society have to change, in order to get the economical resurses needed to support the nurses with further education and feed back.


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