Rektor - styrdokumentens förlängda arm i arbetet mot ’en skola för alla’

  • Elisabet Bergh
  • Tony Mårtensson
  • Kenny Schylander

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    In 2005 we made a research in a Swedish community board about their view on the political and ideological intentions of ‘a school for all’. The results from that study were the background to this research.The aim with this research was to find out how principles in the same community were thinking about ‘ a school for all’ and if they were leading a development towards ‘a school for all’. In that context they were given the opportunity to explain their definition and reasoning about “inclusion” and “integration”.

    This qualitative research has been done with interviews with nine principals in nine principal areas and in one community. We have also distributed question sheet to eighty-one teachers and special teachers within the same areas. The purpose of question sheet was to see if the principles views had any influence on the teachers acting in their work with children with special needs. Our conclusions were as follow. The principals were not acting, in their leadership, towards ‘a school for all’. The teachers and special teachers where the informal leaders, in their subjective definitions of difficulties, the art of children’s special needs and how they deal with the difficulties.


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