Sex jourföräldrars upplevelser av sitt arbete - samspelet med socialförvaltningen, det placerade barnet/ungdomen samt de biologiska föräldrarna

  • Marina Andersson Sundberg
  • Kristina Hansson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Short-term-fostercare has a huge burden of work, hence they get harder and harder cases since placements in institutions decreases and short-term-forstercare increases. We wanted to study short-term-fosterparents experiences of their work, since they makes an important effort. The aim of the study was to describe the teamwork with them and the groups: the social care, the children/youth and the biological patents, from a short-term-fosterparent perspective. We´ve also been interviewing two fostercare-secretaries, hence we wanted to get an insight in the organization of short-term-fostercare. The study is a qualitative attempt and we´ve done six interviews with short-term-parents. By studying the short-term-fosterparents experiences of the teamwork between the groups, we have discovered that the teamwork with the social-welfare-secretaries at some point is conclusive for the relationships with the other groups. The social-welfare-secretaries has a dominating aond coordinating part, hence he´s responsible for the investigation. At the same time are all the groups depending on each other, hence you can´t ignore someone in a teamworkprocess. The conclusion is that the teamwork between short-term-fosterparents and the three groups are depending and influence each other. We hope that our study can contribute to an increased co-operation between short-term-fosterparents and social-welfare-secretaries, which is important for the relationships between the groups in the teamworkprocess.


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