Sjuksköterskans stöd till vuxna patienter med rheumatoid artrit - empirisk studie på reumatologmottagningar

  • Elna-Marie Levin
  • Christina Lindström
  • Lena Volmer

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Background: Rheumatoid arthritis is a common disease worldwide. The disease is described as a chronic inflammation that afflicts mainly the joints, the tendrons and the synovial joint. The inflammation breaks down cartilage, ligaments and bone. When the patient gets the diagnosis he/she frequently reacts with chock, denial or/and dissociation. Active support from the nurse can have an important impact on the patient in accepting and processing that he/she suffers from disease. The nurse support can be of instrumental, emotional and informative character. The instrumental support means access to people who can give practical help. The emotional support means access to close and confidential personal relationships. The informative support is when someone gets information to solve a task or handle a situation. Aim: To examine how adult patients with rheumatoid arthritis perception the nurse support. Method: This empiric study was carried through by inquiries presented to adult patients with the diagnosis rheumatoid arthritis. The participant of the study were registered patients at two different rheumatoid arthritis clinics. Results: 41 patients, 11 men and 30 women participated. The result showed that most of the participants felt that they had received support from the nurse and that all the different supports, instrumental, emotional and informative was to there satisfaction. Conclusion: Different factors have an effect on the patients perceptions of the nurse- support. These factors must be taken in consideration in order to develop the caretaking of the patient. Development can be made by continuous follow-ups. It is important that the patient becomes more conscious, more competent and more involved in order to easier cope with the disease. The holistic oriented nurse ca by supporting the patient help him/her reach this goal.


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