Sjuksköterskors attityder och kunskaper om trycksårsprevention

  • Rosita Persson Falkstedt
  • Tim Nilsson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    BACKGROUND: A Pressure ulcer means much suffering for many people. It also leads to big economical costs for the society. Therefore it’s of great importance to prevent pressure ulcers. If pressure ulcers are to be prevented nurses need to have sufficient knowledge about preventive strategies. PURPOSE: To elucidate nurses’ knowledge and attitudes towards pressure ulcer prevention and working methods. METHOD: A literature studie based on twelve scientifically articles that were chosen from electronical databases and then examined. The result was divided in to three main categories and two subcategories. RESULTS: Nurses think that pressure ulcer prevention is of great importance. Many nurses think that their clinical glance is a better tool than any risk assessment tool. Risk assessments are completed in most wards with in 24 hours after admission to the ward. Nurses assess the patients correct in most cases but occasionally nurses have a tendency to size up the patients in a higher category of risk. Many nurses also believe that massage is a good method fore preventing pressure ulcers despite it’s not. CONCLUSION: Nurses have good knowledge about recommended preventive measures but they still use non recommended preventive measures. This may depend on that nurses are not keeping themselves up to date.


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