Sjuksköterskors preventionsarbete inom primärvården till familjer med atopi - en litteraturstudie med fokus på atopiskt eksem hos barn Nurses´ prevention work in primary care to families with atopi - a literature study with focus on atopic eczema among children

  • Sylvia Gustafsson
  • Annika Nilsson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Background: Atopic eczema has increased in the last decade among children. The nurse can have a major role to prevent the disease. Aim: the aim of this study as to describe the nurses´ work in primary care with prevention to families with atopi with focus on atopic eczema among children. Method: A literature review based on analysis of fifteen scientific articles was done. Results: If the child was breastfed both positive and negative effects were evident. Exposure to smoking lead to increased development of the eczema. Studies showed that if the child is exposed to animals, the developing eczema declined. Increased education, information and demonstration of the medical treatment lead to less flares of eczema outbreak and increased quality of life for the family. Discussion: Whether the Swedish guidelines of allergy studies should be followed or not needs more research. Improved information about the effects of smoking is important to reduce the risk of developing eczema. Conclusion: The Calgary Family Models can be efficent tools to help the nurse educate the family from their perspective. By involving the family in the education, the child may not develop further in this disease or can become a manageable condition.


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