Skolor i förändringsarbete - en enkätstudie genomförd på två skolor med fokus på känslan av sammanhang hos de anställda

  • Kristina Persson
  • Carola Radeklev Fröjd

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Background: Daily news reports of school violence, bullying and harassment are common. The school has developed into an arena which has been exposed into a growing unhealthyness. Paradoxically, financial resources decreases while demands on school staff increases. How does school staff and personal cope with these demands? Aim: We sought to study sense of coherence among school employees in two schools; a comparison between one health promotional school and one school in the process of working with health promotion. We also studied the Sense of Coherence through questions about Health, Dialogue, Participation, Evaluation, Information and Meaningfulness. Method and material: We conducted a survey with 93 participants from the two schools in order to compare employees’ the Sense of Coherence and their work situation. Result: Results show similar results and the Sense of Coherence seems to be prevalent in the work situation on both schools.

    Conclusion: The most important in health promotion is not that the school is connected to the concept health promotional school. It is more important to invest in a better health for everyone who has school as a workplace. The school is an excellent arena to unite public health with the already existing knowledge of aspects of learning.


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