Socialpedagogiskt arbete i grundskolan - möjligheter och framtid Social pedagogic work in compulsary school - potentials and future

  • Roger Andersson
  • Annika Johansson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    This study illustrates the views of working socialpedagogues when it comes to socialpedagogical and social work within compulsary schools. The focus of the study is on how social problems can be prevented and get noticed among children and youths in compulsary school, and what possibilities of development there are in preventive social work. The socialpedagogue’s capability for supporting this development, together with people that are important in the children’s and youths’s lifes, opens up new possibilities in the future for the social work in schools. The main concepts in the study is treatment and attitude, interaction and cooperation with different people inside and outside the school as well as individual- and grouporientated work.


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