Socialsekreterarens resonemang kring barnperspektivet i handläggningen av ekonomiskt bistånd

  • Anette Rasmusson
  • Anna Svensson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    In Sweden the social assistance from a historical perspective, has been a part of the social legislation, since the 18th century. In that time called poor relief. Through the centuries this has established the social assistance we have today. With focus on the child, we have attempted to illustrate how the social workers consider the child perspective when they are dealing with the social assistance. We wanted to get a view of how the social worker reasons about needs the children have and how they can see that the benefit has been provided for. To get knowledge about this we have done semi-structured interviews with eight social workers in four different municipalities. Some social workers tend to leave all the responsibility in the parents care, while others include the family and used their recourses. However they all worked in a way where they paid a great deal of attention to the adults. The result indicates that they don’t take that much notice to the child perspective as the national board of health and welfare recommends neither as some social workers wishes to.


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