Socialsekreterares upplevelser av möten med klienter Social welfare secreteries experience of meetings with clients

  • Maria Ek
  • Karin Nilsson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    The purpose with this study was to get a deeper understanding of how the social welfare secretaries experience the meeting with clients.

    Our main questions were how the social welfare secretaries thinks about their own way to behave in the meeting with clients, which difficulties/obstacles there can be a and which factors they think affect the meeting. What is it that makes the social welfare secretaries experience a meeting as good or less good.

    Theory used: “naive theory” and “theory of communication”.

    The social welfare secretaries emphasised the importance of respect and clarity in their relations with the clients. By contrast with literature, the hover between power and support was not found difficult.

    The goal is that the social welfare secretaries and the clients understand each other and that they reach the purpose with the meeting.


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