Som grädde på moset - frivilligarbetares upplevelser av sin roll inom Väntjänsten
: Voluntary workers thoughts of their role in a voluntary organisation.

  • Elisabet Aronsson Pivac
  • Cecilia Andersson

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    Title: Voluntary workers thoughts of their role in a voluntary organisation (Väntjänst).

    Written in Swedish, 28 pages.

    Authors: Cecilia Andersson and Elisabet Aronsson Pivac, Department of Health Sciences, Social Care Program – Elderly and disability.

    Supervisor: Yvonne Johansson

    Date: 2006-05-26

    The purpose of the research was to visualize the voluntary workers thoughts of their role in the voluntary organization, and to understand why they have chosen to be engaged in voluntary work.

    To recover the answers to our questions we have undertaken an empirically based study using the qualitative method. The data collection comprised of interviews with six voluntary workers from three different municipalities. We found that the voluntary workers take big pride and joy in their engagement and that they have no intention of ending it.


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