Stigmatisering av barn med övervikt och fetma – Litteraturstudie

  • Najah Ekelin
  • Pär Eliasson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Background: Obesity is one of the fastest growing medical conditions both for children and adults. Children with overweight/obesity risk to be exposed to social discrimination and stigmatization from peers. Stigmatization is when the society labels an individual that deviates from what is considered normal behaviour. Purpose: The aim of this literature review was to describe potential stigmatization of children with overweight/obesity. Method: The study was carried out as a general literature review study. The search was performed in the following databases: Pubmed, Cinahl, Elin@Kristianstad and Results: The analysis of the articles included in this study resulted in four categories; the importance of parents' influence, the obese child’s own responsibility, self-esteem of overweight/obese children and selection of overweight/obese children as playmates. Discussion: Parents behaviour and own stereotypes influence children's attitudes towards obese people. Knowledge has a limited effect on counteracting stigmatization. Self-esteem of overweight/obese children is not necessarily lowered because of the stigmatization they meet. Children do not want overweight/bold peers as friends. Nurses must be conscious about their own biases and stereotypes towards overweight/obese patients.


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