Support by a nurse to parents with a colic infant

  • Therese Arvidsson
  • Rose-Marie Svensson

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    Every six baby that is born gets colic. It means that the child cries for at least three hours three days a week. For the child’s parents this is one big strain and feelings like despair, helplessness and isolation are common. The nurse’s task is to support the parents through respectful and empathic actions in order to relieve sufferings and increase their feelings of confidence. The aim of this study was to describe how the nurse could give physical and mental support to parents with colic infants. The study is based on seven articles, which have been checked according to different review models depending on whether the article was qualitative or quantitative. The result was presented in two central categories, physical and mental support. In the two central categories subcategories were formed. Physical support could be given by parents being introduced to using a cry diary, structuring their daily life in order to reduce their stress and using baby massage. Mental support could be given by the nurse listening to the parents and showing respect for their situation. To give advice and to teach the parents different treatment strategies could also be of help here. The conclusion is that the general nurse is given different support tactics on how to give support to parents with a colic infant. The nurse decides when, where, what and how the support shall be given to the parents.


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