Synligt- och osynligt stöd
: Anhörigas upplevelser av stöd när en familjemedlem vårdas i sen palliativ fas.

  • Lina Fischer
  • Rebecka Jönsson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    When a family member is being cared for in palliative care relatives often need support to be able to support their family member. The purpose of the literature review was to illuminate the nursing staff’s support from the relatives’ perspective when a family member is being cared in a late palliative phase. The study is a literature review, there already existing research are surveyed. The findings were structured into two parts, tangible- and the intangible support. Tangible support is a one-way support; to receive information and that someone takes over. Intangible support is support within an interpersonal relation, when the nursing staff in one way or another respond to the relatives needs; that someone shows consideration, to be met with honesty, someone who gives time and to be given opportunity to feel hope. The support could make relatives feel secure and in control. Tangible- and intangible support are connected and form wholeness, but it is important to notice that there are two kinds of support and the relatives are in need of both.


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