Teamchefer och vårdpersonal-Deras upplevelser kring kompetens och kompetensutveckling Team Leaders and care personnel in homecare - There experiences concerning competence and the development of competence

  • Maria Nilsson
  • Malin Edring

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    We have chosen to write an essay about competence because we think that it is an important and a current subject of interest, both to us as future team leaders, but also to all activities within the community. We have a background working with eldercare and we have noticed that there are continued changes going on. This made us want to study what team leaders and their staff think about competence and the development of competence.

    The purpose of this study is to analyse how team leaders work to develop competence with their personnel working in home care. We also want to analyse how the personnel experience their competence and their need for development of competence.

    We have chosen a qualitative method with half structure interviews. With this method have we looked at the personnel’s experiences from their perspective and we have looked at how they understand their competence and need for development of competence. We also looked at how the team leaders experience their situation from their perspective.

    The result of our study is that the personnel’s experience that they get all the development of competence that they demand and need. They also feel that their competence is important. The study also shows that the team leaders do a lot for the development of competence within their personnel.

    Keywords: Homecare, personnel, team leaders, competence, development of competence


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