The experience of MS-related fatigue

  • Katja Möller
  • Ingrid Pettersson Edelius

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Background: Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease that mainly strikes young people in working age, twice as many women than men falls ill. Approximately 85 % suffers from MS-related fatigue that divides itself from common fatigue in that way that it is persistent and does not disappear in spite of sleep. This fatigue is experienced of many as one of the most difficult symptoms, which has considerable impact on the everyday life. Aim: The aim with the study was to elucidate how MS-related fatigue was experienced by persons with MS. Method: The study has been implemented as a literature study through systematic review of scientific articles. Content analysis was used in order to reach the result. Results: The analysis resulted in ten subcategories and three main categories. Main categories were; Feelings that lead to frustration, fatigue – a constant present feeling, and a feeling of being able to master ones’ existence. The different experiences had a considerable influence on the person with MS and the latter’s relation to family, working life and leisure hours. Conclusion: Since MS-related fatigue has a significant effect on the person with the diagnosis, it is important that more studies within the area is done, in order to increase the understanding and the knowledge, so that as good nursing as possible can be formulated on the basis of the needs of the person with MS.


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