The school as an arena for alcohol prevention
: A study on how alcohol prevention / promotion can be carried out in upper level of compulsory school

  • Hanna Jönsson
  • Anna Nilsson

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    The consumption of alcohol has stabilized in Sweden 2007, after several years of high increase. Despite the stabilization of the consumption the avaliability of alcohol has been raising, which constitute a big and in future years likely an increased risk in health among young people. The aim of the study was to describe how the staff on a secondary school works among pupils with alcohol prevention and promotion. Aquired knowledge are received from litterature, scentific articels and Internet to strength the relevance of the study. The school is an important arena in the work with alcoholprevention among pupils. The study indicates how essential it is to integrate parents, the use of social emotional training (SET) and cooperation between actors in and outside school in the work with young people and alcohol. To improve the work schools should take in connsideeration the pupils, through possibility of pupils influence for example. Thus three aspects are important to elucidate at the development of alcoholprevention.


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