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: En studie om fyra behandlares tankar kring barns självkänsla. The puzzle of existence. A study about four therapists thoughts around children’s self-esteem.

  • Marie Jönsson

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    The study aims to get knowledge about how therapists express their apprehension and their method of working around children with low self-esteem. From this angel I have tree questionings : How does the therapists define self-esteem? How does the therapists know if a child has a low self-esteem? How does the therapists work with this complex of problems? The study is a qualitative survey with interviews. The group of survey consists of four therapists from different backgrounds, who work with children and their self-esteem. The interviews were recorded on tape and written out running text and analysed in relation to its subject. The result shows that low self-esteem is a part of a bigger problem. All of the therapists thought that the children that simply feels bad has a low self-esteem. For the therapists self-esteem signified the apprehension the child has about her self. The work with children’s self-esteem was about giving the child encouragement and acknowledgement for what they are.


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