Unga kvinnors upplevelser av abort

  • Lena Broberg
  • Sofie Johansson
  • Katarina Paulsson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Background: How a young woman approaches an abortion

    and how she handles its emotional impact is influenced by

    many factors. Mixed emotions about

    terminating a pregnancy are common to women of all

    backgrounds and circumstances. Aim: To illuminate young

    women´s experiences of abortions. Method: The study was

    based on literature from online databases and printed

    materials and involved the analysis of ten articles and one thesis.

    Result: Women contemplating abortion experience mixed

    emotions before, during, and after an abortion. Despite mixed

    or conflicting feelings of guilt, grief, and shame, in addition to

    relief, most women do not regret having an abortion. A woman’s

    ability to accept the experience, and her feelings about it, is

    affected by the support and understanding of her family,

    friends and health care staff. Conclusion: Further studies in this

    field are requested in order to gain additional knowledge and

    increase nurses understanding on how to treat women who have

    an abortion.


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