Ungdomar och Riskbeteende - Youth and hazardous behavior

  • Jan Engfors
  • Mats Wessberg

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    The purpose of our essay is to investigate the social services work for youth with hazardous behavior. To aquire relevant information we decided to us the qualitative method. We made five interviews with social workers from different sections to get a full view of the situation. The main conclutions we came up with is the importance of the family structure, and a safe home environment with good values. Another important part is a daily meaningful occupation, for the main part in this age it is school attendance. The schoolsystem today doesn´t fit everybody, because of this some get excluded and the goverment doesn´t provide any alternative occupation. The time between elementary school and adult life leaves a gap with increased responsibility and less control from the society. The youths search for identity can without family support and or lack of daily structure lead to identification with youths in their own age. This can lead to different problems, like alcohol, drug abuse or criminal behavior. Limited resources leads to compromises in the social work for youth with hazardous behavior and sometimes the lack of attention to smaller problems increase the risks and problems for the youth.


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