Upplevelse av arbetsglädje och känsla av sammanhang - en enkätstudie bland anställda på en högskola

  • Sandra Wiberg

    Examensarbete: Magisterexamen


    Man spends most part of the day at work and is therefore influenced by it’s ambience. That’s why it’s important that the environment at work is health promoting and can function as a supportive environment. The purpose of this study was to describe job satisfaction among employees and to analyse a possible connection between job satisfaction and employees experiences of SOC. The approach in this study was quantitative and the method used was a questionnaire. The sample consisted of employees at a university in the south of Sweden. The response rate of the questionnaire was 65,5 % meaning that 133 individuals answered. The result revealed a significant difference between employees with low SOC and employees with high SOC according to experience of job satisfaction. Employees with a high SOC did in fact enjoy going to work daily in a higher rate then employees with low SOC. This study shows that there is a relation between job satisfaction and high SOC. A high SOC is an important factor because employees with high SOC experience more meaningfulness, development, excitement and they also experience more involvement in the job.


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