Våga se barnen! Personals upplevelser av sitt arbete med barn till missbrukande förälder/föräldrar Dare see the children! Personnels experience of their work with children of addicted parents

  • Anna-Christina Karlberg
  • Annika Mårtensson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    The purpose with our study is to increase our knowledge about how personnel in different activities experience the work with childrens who is growing up with addicted parents. What the personal experienced as important facts was structure and flexibility to take care of all children´s special need.

    Something else they experienced was, during discussions with children it´s important to listen to them and confirm their self-esteem.

    We have found that there are many well-functioning activities of this kind of children, but there are difficulties to have the parents to take the children to the activities.

    The personal believe that this is because the parents do not realise their addiction problem enough. The respondents expressed a which to get closer to the school so they can increase cooperation and reach more children in this way, and a lot of these respondents also point out that the community where ever the children are has a obligation to report or notify the social service if there are any children that need care.


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