Vården av äldre med delirium kan förbättras- en litteraturstudie i omvårdnad/ The care for elder with delirium can be improved- a literature review in nursing science

  • Sofie Gustafsson
  • Emma Larsson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Background: Delirium is a serious condition that often affects hospitalized elder. The condition can be described as an overstrain of the brain which results in a disturbed consciousness. Elder people are particularly vulnerable since many of the risk factors develops with old age. The treatment aims to find and treat the underlying cause. Purpose: The purpose of this literature review was to illuminate factors beneficial for the nursing care of hospitalized elder with delirium. Method: A general literature review based on eleven scientific studies. Result: Factors that proved beneficial to change in order to improve care were organisation of care, educating the staff, pharmaceutical, environment and the encounter with the patient. Conclusion: There are measures that can improve the care of elder with delirium. The difficulty is to get the information out to care providers in the field. There is a need for developing guidelines for education and routine changes and to implicate these in nursing care.


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