Vårdtagarens perspektiv på sjuksköterskans bemötande

  • Peter Borgeland
  • Stina Brorsson
  • Angelica Franzén

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Every day in medical care the nurse and the patient meet, they are not just

    represented as the care giver and the care taker, but also as two unique

    individuals. The meeting is a very important part in caring and few studies have

    been made on this topic from the patient.s perspective. The purpose of this study

    was to describe the patient.s perspective on the meeting with the nurse. The study

    is a literature review, where articles have been reviewed, encoded, and then

    categorized. The result builds on our four main categories, confirmed as a unique

    indidual, the meaning of the information according to the patient, the humanistic

    side of the nurse, and the importance of humor in the meeting. The patients.

    experiences of the meeting with the nurse are presented under these categories. To

    be treated as a unique individual was the main conclusion of this study.

    Furthermore, the information, and how the nurse gave the information, was of

    great importance in order for the patient to feel security.


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    • Medicin och hälsovetenskap (3)

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