Vad påverkar företagens (o)intresse att välja biogasfordon?

  • Anders Hansson
  • Vilhelm Sköld

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    Issues regarding the environment are commonly discussed in the media. The most common problem that is discussed is how to decrease the emissions of greenhouse gases by human beings. The municipality of Kristianstad has chosen to work with a project named “Biogas Kristianstad” which purposes are to use all of the produced biogas as motor fuel and to speed up the introduction of biogas on the local market. This is in an effort to decrease the effects on the environment in the municipality of Kristianstad. However, there are problems with how to influence companies to choose this new and often more expensive technology when purchasing vehicles.

    We found it important to try to find factors to companies’ possible negative interest. To achieve better knowledge of this we have carried out six interviews with different companies in various industries. Collected material has been analysed with the help of theories in decision-making and business-to-business marketing.

    Our research has not shown that there is a negative interest regarding biogas vehicles in the companies. However, we have found links to an insufficient marketing of biogas vehicles and that the companies’ behaviour in decision-making is more based on its earlier experiences. Factors that are likely to influence companies’ tendencies to purchase biogas vehicles are for example the prevailing infrastructure, the economic factors and the awareness of the environment.


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