Varför kommer inte fler kvinnor upp i hierarkin och gör karriär inom revision? Är det en tidsfråga eller finns det ett glastak?

  • Ramona Gustafson
  • Jenny Jansson

Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


The number of women in Swedish firms of accountant is not lower then the number of men, but when we compared the number of chartered auditors, the number of women are low compared to men. This is connected to the public debate that is mainly emphasising that there are no differences between men and women and therefore the sexes should be treated equal. The method used is a qualitative study and the primary data was collected through interviews. The respondents consist of members, women as well as men, from eighteen auditors in Malmö and Kristianstad. The result shows that both male and female characters are needed in the work on the firm of accountants. There is a time question, and a glass ceiling that women themselves set, which will decide when women will do carrier extension as men do. Consequently we draw the conclusion that it is women who have other priorities and they are the ones to choose their own situation.

The dissertation is written in Swedish.


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  • Juridik (505)

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