Vi-kan-ju-banken - Hälsorelaterat förändringsarbete i arbetslivet

  • David Persson

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen


    With starting point in the increasing ill-health in Swedish working life today, in form of for example absence due to sickness and early retirement pension, and the knowledge that the working environment effects peoples health in a big extent, I found it very interesting to inquire into how people within the working life experience health promotion and how this can be developed. A qualitative method was used to receive a deeper understanding for the employees’ experiences and data was collected through semi structured interviews with employees on a bank called Ikanobanken, in Älmhult. The result shows, among other things, that respondents find responsibility and the opportunity to influence the learning processes and development important. It also became clear that the respondents find participation, motivation, communication and safety essential factors when related to changes in health behaviours. The result also shows that the respondents in general find the health promoting work within the organization something very positive and they feel that the attitude the company has towards health promoting work is crucial whether this work is going to be successful or not. The result presents a number of aspects and factors that are incorporated in learning, change and development. This study emphasizes a number of factors and aspects that could be understood as health promoting factors for people within the working life and that could point out the direction for future health promoting work both within organizations and in general.


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