Vilka chefsegenskaper kan relateras till hälsofrämjande ledarskap?
: en enkätstudie bland chefer på sjukhus

  • Petra Nilsson

    Examensarbete: Magisterexamen


    Nilsson, P. (2005). Which manager qualities can be related to a health promotive leadership? A questionnaire study among managers at hospitals. (41 p.)


    People’s working life and individual health can be seen as strongly related to each other because people spend the most of their adult lives at their places of work. The organisation a person works in is responsible for creating possibilities for the individual to feel good in a holistic way both at work and at spare time. The leadership of an organisation can work in the direction of health promotion and influence the fellow co-workers´ health. The aim of this study was to investigate how employees in health care in a position as head experienced their qualities and their actions as a leader. Then interpret to what extent their actions could be related to a health promoting leadership. The objective was that the results should be possible to use in working out a health promoting organisation. The method that was used was a quantitative cross-sectional study and a structured questionnaire was used. The data collection was carried out with all the managers at two hospitals. Total answers were 102 of 119 individuals, which mean a response rate of 85 %. The result showed that fifty percent of all the respondents belonged to the leader style motivator, the managers who were of motivator-style was younger and had shorter time of employment as managers. Those managers showed higher sense of coherence, more often delegated work to their fellow co-workers, had higher tendency of development and were more positive to changes than the other leader styles. The analysis indicates that the leader style motivator has qualities and attitudes that have a health promoting influence on the fellow co-workers. In relation to a public health perspective it is important that organisations investigate in what way their managers are conscious about their actions as a health promoting influence in their leadership. A holistic approach to leadership is important to the fellow co-workers´ health and work performance and thereby for public health in general.


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