Yrksverksamma tandhygienisters arbetsuppgifter och dess tidsåtgång - en observationsstudie Dental hygienists working tasks and the time they use carrying them out
: – an observation study

  • Hägneryd, Jennie, Marie-Louise Borgström

    Examensarbete: Kandidatexamen



    The aim of the observation study was to examine the dental hygienists working tasks and the time they used carrying them out. Four dental hygienists where observed during four days each. The total time the dental hygienists used with patients during sixteen fulltime days come to a sum of 89 hours of the possible 111 hours. Twelve hours was late cancels and time when patients didn’t come to their appointment and ten hours were used for meetings. Of the total clinical hours approximately a quarter of the total time were used for scaling and one quarter for cleaning, journal notes and administration. Only five minutes of total patient time (89 h) were used for tobacco prevention. Still only a small part of the working tasks the dental hygienists perform can be seen as active health work.


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